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This is Huangshan which I have never been and never been interested. I replicated one painting and now I really want to visit this place. I think this is the amazing part of drawing. Always I fall in love with the object, and drawing itself.

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It took about 3 hours to draw this. I think I need to draw faster.
I am still learning to draw a landscape and it is very interesting. I like this work because I can make a depth in my painting.

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Now I went back to my normal art school days. I have practiced to draw mountains and trees, and this time I combined them.
To draw flower or fruit with small animal took less than half an hour but this takes more than an hour to drawit one piece, which means I have to stand up and bend my back through that time.
But the joy of drawing is much more worthy.

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It is a day for the test. It is easy to watch students even though the work afterwards(marking) is very tough. Because there was nothing much to do, I started to draw one of my student. But he started to fall a sleep!! I can see him struggling really hard to wake up. What shall I do?

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Fireplace at Ghorepani. It was late August but rainy mountain was quite cold. People gathered at the warm dining room.


It rained so hard that we had to spend sometime at the dining room on the day we arrived and also the day after. Our assistant Indra drew my friend and me for us. I like her drawings very much.


Sushila and Indra playing cards.


This is my friend again writing a diary in her sleeping bag. She looks like Genie came out from her lamp.


Ghorepani village.


We met a Korean man at the lodge who walked out through the rain and brought a half bottle of Nepali wine. We gave him some sunflower seeds and drank his wine together.

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I drew 6 pieces total for the exhibition. The exhibition will be started on 12th Oct. I think this will be an amazing moment in my life. I am not a professional artist but I am very happy that I can draw this much.


My works might look like this on the wall.

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I finally finished my book!! It will be changed into the real printed book in the middle of October. It is not a great novel or something and it is just a textbook to help people to learn a language, but the work was terribly stressful and it took more than a year to finish this.

Today I stayed at editor’s office for 9 hours to fix final misspellings, illustrations, and so on. I don’t feel relieved at all but still nervous. But anyway, it is all over!! Yeah!!!

(This hand is one of my co-worker’s who also worked really hard for our final moment.)

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I became very lazy after the trip. My room is a total mess, my plants are dying, I didn’t cook anything since I arrived, I don’t work sincerely, and I feel tired all the time. I just want to lay down and read some book and so on. I didn’t know that it would take so long to go back to my regular routine.
Only thing I did was drawing. I can’t draw much like before, but I tried to move myself to the art class. I wasn’t very happy at the class either but I didn’t stop anyway.
Exhibition date is coming and I am still practicing. Because of my condition, it is very difficult and sometimes annoying. But little by little, I am trying to manage my life again.

Today I started to draw pieces for the exhibition.




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